Organic Dates Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most versatile items that any household should have. You can use it in your food, use it for its medicinal benefits. Vinegar has been used in a variety of ways but the most common use is in food and also it can be used for its medical benefits.

Drinking date vinegar help you to lose weight, Date   vinegar helps your body to prevent cancer, It’s a Great choice for weak hearts to get better, It eases child birth & strengthens the uterus, Also it help produce milk for   nursing mothers And prevent blood loss after childbirth It helps with menstrual disorder and strengthen immunity system, it is good for fatigue and helps with persistent cough. It also relieves headaches due to heat and heals burns & skin inflammations when applied.

500cc / 600cc Bottle
Glass / Plastic Material
12 Bottle per Box

22 Liter Gallon
PET Material
Bulk Orders